The Last of Us : Remastered Sells 1.5m copies as PS4 inches towards 10m units

The Last of Us : Remastered has made a mega impact on sales based on just leaked SONY ledger for day 1 sales. The game has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide in just 24 hours of its launch across the globe. This makes Last of Us :Remastered the highest sold day 1 game on next gen platforms. The leaked SONY ledger accounted for roughly 70% of the retailers worldwide, and we do not know if the consolidated actual number from digital and retail have surpassed 2 million copies on just the launch day ? Approximately 25% of the sales came from digital transactions over PSN. The game made some serious impact on hardware sales. Over 60,000 PS4 :Last of Us hardware bundles were sold across Europe, and approximately over 200,000 consoles were sold across North America and Europe between 31st July, 2014 to August 1st 2014. PS4, as of August 2nd ,2014, is just ~100,000 units shy of reaching the glorious 10m units sold worldwide.

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