SONY and Micron joint-venture for upcoming Playstation 5?

It is no secret that Sony(SNE) and Micron(MU) are in a contractual agreement for the upcoming ReRAM , aka next generation of blisteringly fast 3D stacked RAM variant. Micron as a company has expanded over the years. The share values have propelled from a mere 4$ to a whopping 30 quid, and some analysts expect the company to hit 50! by the next earnings date . It is no brainer that SONY is already prepping for the next playstation console. It would most likely feature a stacked 3D RAM which would be lightning fast . As we have seen with Playstation 4 sales, console gaming won’t be replaced in the next decade . Rather, it would expand to PC terrirtories like China and India in the next 5 – 10 year range .

Our take on this very probable venture :

Micron doesn’t have enough fabs to bolster their RAM production and is in a fierce competition with the Monster named Samsung . It is a matter of time before Samsung steps up efforts to engulf competition like Micron and Hynix in the RAM sector. However, Micron can benefit immensely by using the CELL fabs from SONY. PS3 would be discontinued in a year or two, and the fabs and research labs could easily be used for the production of PS5’s next-gen memory chips . This would likely increase the profit margins for Micron when they move towards the next generation of RAM technology, as all the machinery and equipments from CELL project could be reutilized. On the other hand, SONY could lower the production price of memory nodules empowering its next machine . A lower production price for RAM could allow SONY to leverage the savings on more powerful GPU and CPU . Unless there is some massive economic or political disaster , we can expect PS4 to reach 100 million units in sales. Since Microsoft might leave console gaming within a few years, we can expect PS5 to reach that goal within a much shorter timeframe. It is no brainer that SONY could indeed be partnering with Micron for their next RAM technology for PS5 ,which is expected to be unleashed 3 – 5 years down the line. What has Micron prepared for PS5 remains to be seen?

To our readers :

Please do not be surprised if you hear about a symbiotic joint venture from these tech Giants very very soon !

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