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PS4 reaches 7 million worldwide as Infamous : Second Son sells a million at launch

Courtesy of a monstrous shipment of PS4 units in the extended last 2 weeks amidst very high consumer demand, PS4 reached 7 million units globally for the extended Infamous Week ending March 28, 2014. For the extended week, PS4 outsold the Xbox One by a whopping 7:1 across the PAL region. Below are the numbers for the entended week ranging from March 17,2014 to March 28,2014. Infamous : Second Son reached a million at the same time.


PAL(includes UK)

PS4 : 180,000 units (PS4 sold over 100,000 units across PAL during the weekend covering March 21 – March 23 )

Xbox One : 25,000 units

Infamous : Second Son sold 400,000 copies at retail across PAL and around ~50,000 across Asia , with around 90,000 units sold across UK (includes bundles)


North America

We do not have the final hardware numbers for PS4 but we can confirm based on the near final number across most retailers, that PS4 sold well over 100,000 units across North America for the extended Infamous Week ending March 28,2014.

Infamous : Second Son sold over 450,000 copies at retail


* PS4 sold over 100,000 units across the PAL region for each of the weeks endingĀ  March 16 and March 23 respectively.

** Around 150,000 copies of Infamous : Second Son were sold digitally. Split across different regions is unknown.

*** Over 500,000 PS4 hardware units were sold globally between March 17 – March 28, courtesy of a steady stream of supply from SONY.

****PS4 now has a solid 3 million lead over Xbox One globally

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