Destiny propels PS4 to 11m units worldwide. PS4 outsells Xbox One 5:1 during Destiny Week across Europe

It seems Destiny did manage to give PS4 a nice little boost as expected. Despite the downgrade of the PS4 version to reach 1080p resolution on Xbox One , more than 56% of Destiny’s global sales came from PS4. The game went on to sell ~5 million copies in the first week of its launch across all platforms . PS4 handily beat the Xbox One 2:1 in UK and a whopping 5:1 across Europe. We do not have the final numbers for USA but we can confirm that over 100,000 PS4 consoles were sold across the region during Destiny week. Around 50% of the total PS4 hardware sales in USA came from Destiny bundles. PS4 reached the coveted 11m units sold worldwide as of September 13,2014. PS4 globally, now has more than double the install base as Xbox One – Microsoft’s forsaken console. Xbox One, despite some fire sales to match PS4 Destiny Bundle, saw a meagre hardware boost across UK and USA only.

Destiny Week Sales (September  9 ,2014  – September 14 ,2014)

PAL / Europe :

PS4 hardware – ~169,000

Xbox One hardware – ~34,000

Destiny software split across PAL – 70 : 30


North America :

PS4 hardware – ~100,000

Final Xbox One hardware numbers are unknown

More than 55% of the total software sales of Destiny came from PS4

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