PS4 hits 20 million worldwide, maintains a 2:1 sales advantage over Xbox One

PS4 has hit 20 million units sold worldwide* . It outsold Xbox One in December ’14 globally by more than a million units. SONY sold a record 3.2 million PS4s for the month of December . The week leading to Christmas saw a whopping 1.23 million PS4s sold worldwide . Microsoft sold a decent 1.9 million Xbox One units for the month, with the majority of sales coming from USA. PS4 retook UK for the month of December but lost USA to Microsoft’s console, amidst aggressive pricing and marketing efforts by the software giant. We have also gotten our hands on the software sales of some exclusive games. PS4 exclusive Drive Club sold over a million units at retail,courtesy of “good word of mouth” post weather patch and aggressive bundles. The game has outsold both the Forza games. PS4 has outsold Xbox One almost 4:1 across Europe for the month.


Global Hardware sales – December ’14

PS4 – 3.2 million units

Xbox One – 1.9 million units


Global Hardware sales* – LTD

PS4 – 20.1 million units

Xbox One – 10.7 million units


Software Sales* – LTD

Infamous : Second Son – 2.8 million units

Drive Club – 2 million units

Killzone : Shadow Fall – 3.6 million units . KZSF has outsold every other Xbone One game including Titanfall

Titanfall : Xbox One version – 2.66 million units

Forza 5 – 1.9 million units

Forza Horizon 2 – 1 million units

Last of US – Remastered  – 2.5 million units . The series has now sold over 12 million units across PS4 and PS3

Sunset Overdrive – 600,000 units – 60% of the game sales came through hardware bundles


* The numbers denoted are as of January 2nd, 2014

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