A Guide to Finding the Best Shoes for Any Occasion or Activity

The human feet is an impressive example of natural engineering at its best; they carry us far and our entire body weight is balanced on them when we’re standing upright. At the same time, we depend a lot on our feet so we need to make sure we have the right shoes.

Besides wanting to look fashionable, finding the right shoes can keep your feet in healthy shape. If you’re a busy person always running around doing errands, jumping from place to place, you want to make sure that you have the best shoe for any occasion or activity. We’ve put together a guide on how to find the best shoe for any activity.

What to look for

When you’re finding a shoe that can support you whether you’re strolling to the nearest Starbucks or going on a hike, you want to find something with a comfortable snug fit, good soles, and the materials the shoe is made from. The first thing to look out for is fit.

1. Comfortable fit

The way the shoe fits is the most important factor when browsing the shoe store. To find the best fitting shoes, allow a salesperson to measure your feet. Afterwards, find a shoe that matches those numbers and try them on. Trying on shoes is key! First you want to feel what the fit is like when you’re standing in them. Press down near the top of the shoe and see if there is at least half an inch of wiggle room between your toes and the end of the shoe. You can also wiggle your toes to see if there is enough room. Walk around in the shoe and see how they fit. Is it too snug in the heel area, or is it too loose? Do you have enough room at the balls of your feet? Are there any irritating materials on the inside of the shoe? Make sure both the width and the length fit your feet well. You want to be able to walk in them for hours at a time without getting blisters.

2. Soles

You want a sole that provides both cushioning, flexibility and is sturdy enough to protect the bottom of your feet. To find which sole works best for you, try walking around on multiple surfaces when you’re testing out the shoes. That means walking on both concrete, carpet, and track material.

3. Material

What material the shoe is made from depends on what kind of activities you do. Leather is durable, flexible, and protect your feet well. At the same time, leather shoes tend to be heavier than shoes made from synthetic materials. Synthetic materials offer more circulation for your feet and they are lighter and more breathable. Usually people prefer synthetic materials for shoes that are used on most occasions.

Shopping Time

If you didn’t know this, your feet expands throughout the day the more you use them. That’s why you should shop for shoes in the morning or afternoon.

Below we have a list of the top 3 best shoes for any activity

1. Anatom – V1 Trail

These shoes are breathable, have a firm heel, and are both rigid and flexible. This allows you to walk on multiple terrains.

2. Merrell – Grassbow

This shoe comes with a Gore-Tex waterproof layer. It’s lightweight, has a good amount of cushioning, the soles have a strong grip and they are flexible.

3. New Balance WW1065

These shoes offer a lot of support, are incredibly stable, and has a mesh padded collar and tongue to prevent blisters from forming. The midsole cushioning means less impact on your heels as you jump from activity to activity.





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