Second Son

Infamous : Second Son amasses 1 million pre-orders globally. Digital numbers revealed

We all expected Infamous : Second Son to be massive in terms of sales, but never did we expect the game to have the highest amount of pre-orders for any next-gen game. Courtesy of our close amigo at SCE, as of March 18,2014, the game has 1 million pre-orders globally. This is the first time pre-orders for any next-gen game has reached a million before release. Below is the breakdown for the pre-orders of the game :

North America : 417,000

PAL/Europe  ~326,000 . An additional ~100,000 pre-orders for the PS4-Infamous bundle.

We have gotten digital pre-order numbers for the game, which is a little over 190,000 units globally. We just do not have the split in terms of region, but we have been informed that SONY is prepping to ship around 400,000 PS4 consoles during Infamous launch weekend, globally. By looking at the pre-order numbers, it seems SONY is turning Microsoft’s dream of a digital future into reality.

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